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You can use the main search bar in the home page to search by article or keyword.


If you can’t find the article there, navigate the directory "All Categories" on the left.


If you are still stuck, check out the forum called "Topics" on the top of the page (This will be available after the update)


If you are still stuck, create a new Topic in the forum with your problem and contact an administrator through "Ask a Question"


If you have found the solution to your problem, post the solution in "Topics" so that other people who run into the same problem can be helped.


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Click on an article you want to print. On the right side, you will see the Tools bar floating on the edge of your window. Click that blue bar and you will be able to select Print Article.

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Remember to click the red heart on the right side of your favorite articles to save them for later!

You can access these articles in your "My Favorites" tab


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